Purveyors of a Sensible Truth

The Will to Heal™ Project explores the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of what it is to be human and offers you information that will guide you to discovering new possibilities of all these aspects in yourself.

We do this by offering a selection of books, guided meditations, online courses and regular blogs. We welcome your comments and participation with our project!

The Will to Heal™ Technique lends itself to any condition where the mind plays a strong role, such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel disease, weight loss, asthma and stress.

The technique uses a combination of easy to understand text, detailed medical illustrations and guided meditations, to teach you how to activate your mind-body connection.

The Will to Heal Founders

Andrew J. MacWha

Years ago a wise person said to me, “Be still and all that you need will be revealed.” For me, be still has come to mean, be at peace with yourself. This has not been an easy task for a busy mind like mine. My ambition as a writer is to communicate through a peaceful heart and an open mind with the hope my words may help others.

Elise Walmsley

I am a life-long learner and I continually seek to acquire information that enlightens my journey. Through the written word and my art, I hope to enrich the lives of others by sharing my knowledge regarding all aspects of what makes us who we are - physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

The Will to Heal Team

Bronwyn Fairchild

Bronwyn Fairchild’s broad range of interests and passions, have helped to make her a brilliant graphic designer. Bronwyn has brought warmth and clarity to the design of, not just this website, but the cover of Forever is the Soul and our other, most recent Will to Heal projects.  Her artistic skills extend beyond being a self-proclaimed design junky, into photography, illustration and pottery.

Bronwyn is also a blogger, and an adventurer with a severe (and thus far incurable!) case of wanderlust. She is seriously into veganism, cooking from scratch, growing things, making cashew cheese, and all sorts of other activities that tend to require stabilityor a normal life. The recent addition of mother, to this list of passions, may curb the wanderlust – somewhat – at least for a little while.

To read more about Bronwyn, visit her website at: http://www.bronwynfairchild.ca and follow her blogs on http://nearandfare.com/

Chris Gooderham

Chris Gooderham keeps our website bug-free, alive and running smoothly. Knowing Chris’s vast knowledge (and patience) is behind us, has given us the confidence to become the masters of our own content design and workflow.

Chris has spent 20+ years designing and building websites for a wide range of clients and web applications. In addition to being an instructor at Haliburton School of Art and Design—Fleming College, Chris is an Apple Certified Support Professional, an experienced Mac tutor and a former IT help desk technician.

In 2000, Chris cycled across Canada to raise national awareness about the importance of Organic Farming. He dreams of doing this again if he can figure out how to fit it in while being a dad, husband, coffee roaster, urban ecologist and firewood splitter.

To learn more about Chris visit https://chrisgooderham.com