Guided Meditations

Here you will find Guided Meditations to Activate Spiritual Consciousness, Relieve Stress and Heal Emotions. The guided meditations presented in this series have been developed to help you bring balance into your life.

Guided meditations are an effective way to bring about change in your life. When we meditate, our brains produce theta and alpha waves. The presence of these slower wave frequencies indicate that we are in a state of relaxed awareness. The higher frequency wave patterns associated with the problem-solving parts of our brain, are at rest. In this state of relaxed awareness, we are able to accept new thoughts, without over-thinking and analyzing the information we are receiving.

We hope that you enjoy these guided meditations and find them beneficial on your journey to relaxation and activation.

The Will to Heal programs are designed to be used in a safe and comfortable environment. For your safety and the safety of others never listen to these guided meditations while operating a motor vehicle.

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