Activating Spiritual Consciousness: Connecting to a Higher Frequency


During this guided meditation, you will explore your self-perception as it relates to the quality and vibration of the words that you use. Your words are powerful. Words form into structures, sequences, sentences and monologues of thoughts, the self-narration that flows through our consciousness. Your words create a frequency that can either imprison you or set you free.

This meditation is a contemplation concerning the the vibrational frequency of the words that make up your thoughts.



The words that you choose are representations of the thoughts that flow through your conscious mind. Self-talk is a term that describes your inner dialog, the voice that you hear inside your head when you are not consciously engaged in some form of activity.

The quality of your self-talk reflects the depth of your relationship with yourself and the life that you are living. In fact your conscious experience is constantly being molded by your own narrations. You have the power within you to completely alter and enrich your life by learning to understand the vibrations associated with the words that you use, both in how you speak to yourself as well as how you speak to everyone that you encounter. Simple words like can’t or shouldn’t, immediately affect our emotions leading to feelings of defeat or anger, which can then fuel beliefs that lead to self-righteousness.

The left hemisphere of our brain controls our language center and it is from the left hemisphere that our identities are constructed by our life experiences. Our early life experiences help to shape our growing sense of self as well as influencing the rapid development of our speech centre. By the time you are 5 or 6 years old, your self-talk has been a major contributor to your self-identity.

If your early experiences have been nurturing and things generally moved along in a way that pleased you, then your self-talk probably leans towards the positive. On the other hand, if you’ve encountered opposition and discord, then perhaps your self-talk has posed limitations and uncertainty into your self identity.

Your right hemisphere is associated with intuition and creativity. Unlike the left hemisphere the right is concerned with the big picture. What are your dreams and how real are they to you? Your right hemisphere doesn’t have the advantage of language. It can only communicate through feelings, which can then be translated into words as long as the left-brain doesn’t shut them down.

Our culture encourages left-brain thinking and as a result we tend to over-think and rationalize our more intuitive feelings. Our early life experiences dictate how much power and trust we give to our intuitive right brain and how much we allow our feelings to have a voice over and above our rationalizations. Our left-brain rational thought tends to be the source of our more negative, self-deprecating language. If we’ve been given reason to doubt ourselves, our left-brain is very quick to supply us with the words that become weapons that we use against ourselves, words that are based in fear, words that vibrate at a lower frequency.

It’s easy to believe that we have a positive, progressive outlook because we don’t always hear our undermining belief patterns. It’s our responsibility to become aware of our self-talk and determine why we’d want to use words that lower our vibration. Ultimately these words work against the positive growth pattern that we seek most to move towards.

Powerful, high vibrational words arise from love, the principles that support the significance of life itself. If you think about the word compassion, it’s a very high frequency word. Not only does compassion indicate that we are caring for something or someone beyond ourselves, it also makes us feel good about ourselves. Compassion supports our life and the life of another.

Think about how the words you use form your self-perception. Maybe you need to become more vigilant with your self-talk and allow your right brain, your heart-felt feelings, to have a voice. The quality of your inner dialogue has the power to truly change your life.

In this meditation, Andrew will take you on a journey where you can explore the origins of your inner dialogue and open up to the higher frequency feelings transmitted through your heart.