A Guided Workbook to Relieve Pain


Did you know that the most effective pain-killers and anti-depressants are produced in your body?

This audio-driven workbook will take you on a journey that provides you with the understanding and tools to effectively relieve or even eliminate the pain that you are feeling!

The authors guide you through the illustrated pages to make learning this technique, an easy and enjoyable experience. Relieve your pain naturally!


Access Your Body’s Internal Pharmacy to Relieve Your Pain Naturally

The Will to Heal™ is an effective pain management technique. From page 7 of the workbook onward, the narrated CDs will be your guide. Each narrated chapter will teach you how your mind and body exchange information in order to initiate your mind-body connection healing. It is through this understanding that you will gain the knowledge necessary to effectively control your pain.

Elise provides you with the narrations and illustrations that will help you understand the cause of your pain. Andrew’s narrations will show you how your every thought and emotion affects the production of powerful chemical messengers that can either increase or decrease the pain that you are feeling.

The three visual processes that are included in this program are set to gentle music, which lead you into a relaxed, receptive mental state – a form of mindfulness stress reduction. While in this relaxed state, you will be guided to use the knowledge you have gained to help release your pain.

In the window above you will find excerpts from the pages of the workbook along with the accompanying narrations. These excerpts show how the audio and visual components of the Will to Heal come together to make the learning experience easy and pleasurable.

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