Activating Spiritual Consciousness: Matters of the Heart


Consciousness is here and now. Consciousness is your experience. Your self-identity is a mixture of DNA and learned patterns of behaviour. Your heart is pure and unencumbered. This meditation is about opening your heart to the feelings that your learnt behaviours often inhibit. Once you attune to the present moment, you can connect with your heart and become open to the information contained within the electromagnetic energy that surrounds you.


At onetime or another, most of us have experienced the feeling that someone is behind us or watching us, or we’ve been able to predict that something is going to happen before it actually did. These feelings indicate that we may be more than just our brains and our bodies. We must have a sense or an energy field that extends out beyond our physical selves in order to access this information that we call our intuition.

Scientific instrumentation has allowed us to discover a taurus of electromagnetic energy that extends well beyond our physical form and connects us with an energy grid that encompasses the entire planet. Within this electromagnetic energy, there’s an abundance of information that through our feelings, we can have access to, kind of like a sixth sense.

But what stops us from having access to these feelings all of the time? Why does this information only get through to us now and then? What creates this gap that keeps us separated from this field of information? If you think of this information as energy, vibrating at different frequencies much like a radio station or cell phone signal, you’ll realize that you have to be tuned at the right frequency to be a receiver. Most of us have static that blocks our reception to these frequencies, stopping the reception of a clear signal. So, how do you reduce the static so that you can become more aware and intuitive?

Well, first of all, you need to identify the static as being a product of your worries, stresses and any discord in your thoughts. Any thoughts that project you into either the past or the future, take you out of the present moment and it’s only in the present moment where you can become a clear receiver to these higher frequencies. Once you attune to the present moment, you can connect with your heart and become open to the electromagnetic energy that surrounds you. For centuries we’ve known that our hearts are more than just an organ to pump our blood. Throughout history we’ve associated our hearts with our emotions and our feelings. Our language is chocked full of heart-felt expressions from, a heart of stone to a heart of gold. We have heart-to-heart conversations and we’ve probably had our heart broken at some time in our life.

In the past 20 years there has been a great deal of study surrounding the nervous system of the heart. Researchers at Heart Math have discovered the heart has a very complex intrinsic nervous system aside from the nerves that keep it beating in rhythm. It’s been found that the heart contains around 40,000 specialized nerve cells called sensory neurites and it’s that these neurites are responsible for producing the powerful electromagnetic field that is generated by the heart.

This is very important because we’ve always given credit to the brain for directing the function of all of our organs, including our heart. This research shows the reverse to be true. The information collected by the heart’s neurites is sent directly to the brain, not the other way around. And it’s especially interesting to take note of where in the brain much of the information is sent. Some messages are sent to the brain stem where maintenance of heart rate and blood pressure occur, while other messages are sent directly to the amygdala , which is the emotional centre of the brain. These emotional messages are then delivered to your higher centres of thought located in the frontal cortex, where they influence your consciousness and your perceptions.

You may be questioning this information or possibly be trying to relate it to situations in your own life. This is the activity and function of your analytical left brain, the hemisphere of your brain that has been well rewarded for digesting and analyzing hard-core facts. The only problem with limiting ourselves to the information programmed into our brain is that our brain only knows what it’s been taught and because of that it will always find a way to come to its own defense. Our left-brains can be a house of mirrors. The left-brain often creates a false perception of control by reflecting back to itself what it already knows and believes to be true.

However, even in situations where you’ve settled on a decision that you believe is based entirely on logic and sound thought, you’ve probably had occasion to find yourself with a niggling feeling in your gut that contradicts the logical decision. That’s your heart communicating with you through feeling and it’s up to you to choose which you’ll listen to. Just remember, your heart is connected to a massive energy field that contains unbounded information unlocked from the time-space continuum, while your brain, much like the hard drive on your computer, only knows what it’s been programmed to know.

This meditation will take you on a journey that will help you tune into what your heart is trying to tell you. The word yes creates a very different feeling than the word no. Once you feel connected to your heart’s responses you will be able to use the feelings produced in your heart to help guide you through many of your life’s decisions.