Consciousness is Here and Now.

What are you doing with yours?

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“When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.” Victor Frankel

Free will is an interesting concept that implies we have the power to do anything we would like to do. The Will to Heal Project is about sorting ourselves out so that we can use our collective free will to change the outcome of what we, as a species, are doing on this planet.

As the founders of the Will to Heal™ Project we believe, that in order to bring about positive change on this planet, we need to understand how to bring about positive and lasting change in our individual lives. The answer to achieving this, is found in how we choose to think. Conscious and intentional thinking is our power, both individually and collectively.

We have called our program The Will to Heal Project, because the work that needs to be done will be achieved through a collective vision that requires each individual to heal themselves. So how does one truly heal? The answer is really quite simple. All that is required, is that you learn to discern the MOA (mechanism of action) that produces your conscious thought. This sounds more complicated than it really is!

We believe that human consciousness receives information through two distinctive channels. The channel that most of us are familiar with, is a biological response. The other, the one that we all feel, but often do not know or trust, comes to us through a larger energy field; we believe this channel is directed by our souls. Lasting change comes from an understanding that we are more than a biological organism trapped in repetitive, often fear-based, patterns of thought.

Our destiny as an evolving species is held in our present day beliefs and it is these beliefs that influence our thoughts. For thousands of years we have built systems that govern our thoughts, and teach us how and what to think. We are at a cross roads in our evolution, where the need for external control is diminishing. As we lose faith in the hierarchies that preceded these times, we are being pointed inward, towards a source that will free our minds from the fears and resistances that keep us distant from one another.

Take your time to peruse our site and see if you feel engaged. We offer books and guided meditations along with some free stuff that may help enrich your journey.

As the founders of the Will to Heal Project, we send out our call for you to share your voice, and join us in developing this Project. If you have a website, a book or a program that you feel belongs with the Will to Heal Project, please contact us so that we can connect and exchange our visions.

This is a time for coming together.

This is a time for supporting something bigger than ourselves.

"Learning to visualize is one of the most empowering and healing mental skills available. The more detailed the visualization, the more control you have over painful conditions. "

Gerald M. Levine, M.D. C.C.F.P.

"To the Brain Injured Person: The Will to Heal Technique could provide the missing piece on your personal recovery path."

Jean Oostrom has lived with a brain injury since 1997 and has created a website: where people with brain injuries and their caregivers can find answers.

"The Will to Heal has enabled me to become aware of what is going on in my mind… recognize that I can choose my thoughts and change my feelings!"

Lorri Watson, Mind Body and Soul

"The Will to Heal not only gave me hope, but changed my whole outlook on life! I’m forever grateful to the authors."

Lisa Jordan-Crain

"Thanks, you two, for a very practical and effective contribution to the understanding of thoughts and self-realization through this excellent technique.”

James R. Bell, MD, AAFP, ABHM (American Board of Holistic Medicine)

“The Will to Heal helped me to develop an extraordinary connection between my thoughts, emotions and my body."

Shelley Divall, Solutions Plus

"The Will to Heal helps you see and feel what is taking place in the body and how your conscious attention can help bring about the changes you need, right now. Beautifully conceived, researched and illustrated. Three cheers.”

Michael Mendizza, Founder, Touch the Future

"The Will to Heal reveals, in depth and detail, precisely what you must picture in your mind to foster a transformation from ill health to vibrant well-being."

Kent Osborne, Executive Coach

"The Will to Heal takes the mystery out of how to use your thoughts to control pain... Not only does it tell how to do it, but it guides you there. It’s a great tool and was a big help – to both of us."

Leslie Bowness

Forever is the Soul

a novel by Andrew J. MacWha

The Will to Heal Project is excited to announce the release of Andrew J. MacWha's new novel, Forever is the Soul.

This intriguing fictional story, releases the concept of spirituality from the confines of religion and tells a story of energy and mass to which we can all relate, regardless of our beliefs.

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Free Meditation to Reduce Stress

Resolving Stress Meditation
Resolving Stress Meditation

It’s surprising how many people will say, “No, I’m not stressed,” while their cortisol levels are through the roof! Stress is a funny thing – it creeps up on you and accumulates, straw by straw, until the proverbial camel’s back breaks.

The best way to insure that you don’t let those straws build-up is to take a few minutes everyday to let go of your tension and get yourself back into the present moment. Don’t let the straws build up!

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