Activating Spiritual Consciousness: Centered Between the Right and Left


Your brain is divided into two hemispheres. Your left hemisphere influences logic and reason and your right influences creativity and intuition. This meditation guides you towards an inner space where equal value is placed on both hemispheres, opening your mind to a whole-brain experience.

In order to love your life – to find joy and gratitude – you must open your heart and listen to the quite voice that comes into your consciousness from the activities taking place in your right brain. True balance is found between the left and the right.


When you picture a brain, the most predominant part of that image are the two cerebral hemispheres or cortices. The hemispheres are composed of billions of nerve cells arranged in convoluted folds. These nerve cells are responsible for your awareness, perceptions, memory, thoughts and your overall consciousness.

While each of these two cerebral hemispheres are responsible for giving you different perceptions of the world, they have both evolved to work together to compliment each other, providing you with the necessary awareness that you need to survive. Your perception of the world relies on a bridge of over 200-million nerve fibers that act as a highway of communication between your right and left hemispheres. This structure of nerve fibers, known as the corpus callosum, can both carry messages between the right and left hemispheres and also inhibit messages between these two structures.

To give you a practical example of how these hemispheres function, let’s go for a walk in the forest. Imagine that it’s a beautiful warm summer’s day and you’re walking along a peaceful trail. You notice some delicate white flowers and you stop and bend down to examine them more closely. This is your left brain in action. You are focused on the detail of these flowers, noticing the shape of the petals and the lumpy grains of pollen sitting atop their stamens. Now, while your left brain has you captivated by the details of the flowers, you get an uncomfortable feeling that you’re being watched, you’re not alone. When you turn and look up, you see a large owl perched above you, checking you out. This awareness is thanks to your wide, big-picture, right brain. The right brain is feeling based and it keeps a constant vigilant awareness of things going on in your larger environment. The trick is being able to hear it.

The left-brain is easy to hear. It’s where your language capability resides and it takes advantage of this region by continually running a monologue within your head. This internal voice could be pleasant and reassuring, but most likely, it’s full of what ifs and what abouts, because the left hemisphere operates on a linear timeframe and it’s always concerned about the past and the future. The left-brain sees you as vulnerable and separate from everything else in the world. It’s worried about keeping you safe, out of harms way, so it often communicates through fear.

The right-brain sees you as part of an eternal flow of energy. It is you in the present moment because sequential time doesn’t exist in this part of your brain. We connect to others through our right brain and we access our creativity and inspiration from here. The right hemisphere is compassion, free from the judgment of the left. This meditation will help you find true balance between the left and the right.