Activating Spiritual Consciousness: Before Your Birth


Imagine that your spirit, with love, wisdom and a desire to return to the earth plane, created the circumstances of your conception. This meditation will show you how perfect your life has been by showing you the power of acceptance.

Before Your Birth will show you how to love the life that you are living and know that your spirit loves the life that it created for you.


Acceptance is the key to living a content and happy life. Each one of us has experienced pain, sorrow, rejection and fear and many other emotions both good and bad. In our minds, our past can haunt us and cause feelings that lead us to mistrust our life. But here you are, now,  and everything that came before this moment brought you to this moment. So perhaps you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Your power to enjoy your life is really dependent on the power and quality of your thoughts in this present moment.

This meditation will help you understand, that all of your experiences have had reason and purpose. The premise of this experience is based on the idea that your spirit participated in the decision, which led to your return to this earth plane. We believe that your ego, or self-identity, is part of a much greater force. Perhaps you have heard of the concepts known as dharma and karma? Both concepts have their roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. Dharma concerns natural laws that imply that the universe unfolds in a natural order and that all things have meaning and purpose. Karma concerns actions and deeds; what we sow, we shall reap.

Reincarnation is an evolutionary process that’s guided by your spirit’s knowledge of the natural laws that govern the universe and your spirit uses this knowledge to participate in its unfolding. Each lifetime lived is a journey filled with opposition but it’s the opposition that leads us through our growth and our understandings. Karma, the law of cause and effect is our spirit’s teacher, helping us to understand the power of our creative capabilities. We carry karma from one lifetime to the next. It’s during the interim periods between our physical lives when we’re not confined within a human brain that we can truly understand our karma.

From a spiritual perspective, karma guides our souls into the circumstances of each lifetime. In essence your spirit creates your human form. The circumstance of your conception, your genetic coding, influences your strengths and your weakness. Your parent’s circumstances, the country of your birth and the religious beliefs of the culture that you manifested into, are all factored into the life, that in spirit, you created. It’s as though your spirit wrote you a script based on the lessons needed to be learned within your life’s experience.

Our human minds have been taught to think of things from a perspective based on opposites. Things are good or bad, dark or light, or from a religious perspective there’s God or the devil. But in spirit these distinctions are not necessary. Spirit is on a progressive journey that does not involve right or wrong. Everything is necessary within the concept of Dharma. It’s important to understand there’s a partnership taking place between your ego and your soul. In time your ego will surrender and return to the interim period between lives where your lifetime lessons, your actions and deeds will be added to the totality of your spirit in order to facilitate your next journey.

But in ego’s lifetime, in your lifetime, you will always have free will. Your spirit is always within you and has guided you in the way that your life unfolds. But you, your human ego, are ultimately in charge of your human experience. Things in the form of opportunities and insights will always be presented, but it is you, your ego, that chooses to accept or reject your spirit’s guidance. Your consciousness is the key to a happy life. The past is the past and the future has not yet unfolded. Your power to enjoy your life is dependent on the power and quality of your thoughts in this present moment.

Before your birth is a journey that will lead your thoughts into a space within you where you’ll feel connected to the concepts of Dharma and Karma. You’ll feel an opening within yourself that will help you increase your awareness of the spirit within you. Before Your Birth will show you how to love the life that you are living and know that your spirit loves the life that it created for you.