Forever is the Soul (Audio)


Audiobook will be available in late August of 2018.

Forever is the Soul is read by the author Andrew J. MacWha.

Have you ever wondered if there is an afterlife, or wondered what happens to you when you die?

Forever is the Soul will take you on an insightful journey into a world beyond our physical lives. The story, told from the perspective of a disincarnate soul, explores the multifaceted relationship between the physical world and the world of spirits.

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Denis, a retired psychic who chose to end his own life and Maria, a neurologist who had a tragic car accident, die at exactly the same moment. During their physical lives they did not know each other but in death, they discover they have always been and will forever remain together. From the spirit world, they interact and influence the physical world in ways unimagined.
Charlotte and James are in their early thirties, living separate lives until the deaths of Maria and Denis mysteriously bring them together. As Charlotte and James grow closer, a veil between dimensions begins to lift.
Forever is the Soul beautifully illustrates how every life matters in the continuum of an evolving spiritual consciousness that is destined to bring peace to our turbulent world.

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