The Healing Colours of Emotion



In this guided meditation you will become an artist. Through guided imagery you will be presented with two canvases and a pallet of colors to choose from. Each color represents an emotional strength or weakness. As the artist, you will paint two self-portraits. The first portrait will represent the emotions that cause you to feel blocked or restricted, while the second portrait will reflect back to you, feelings of confidence and freedom. The experience will leave you feeling up-lifted and more in-tune with your creativity. The more you use this meditation, the greater freedom you will feel from the emotional blocks that have held you back during your life.


Your emotions are physiological reactions that add intensity to your thoughts. We have all experienced the physical sensation of our emotions as they rush through our bodies. Think about butterflies in your stomach, or the heat of anger, or sudden fear as the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. And then there are emotions associated with surprise or anticipation, feelings of joy and victory. All of these emotions flow through your mind and body adding intensity to your conscious experience. It is the intensity of your emotions that influence your thoughts and its your thoughts and emotions that in turn influence your body.

Take anger for example. Just getting angry for a moment can increase your blood pressure in that moment. However not expressing anger can lead to a build up of emotional tension, which can cause sustained cardiovascular problems. Have you ever noticed that worrying can upset your stomach and digestive system? Expressing your emotions will often help you to stop worrying, where not expressing your emotions can cause tension to build throughout your body, increasing the likelihood of further digestive problems.

Physical symptoms, such as pain, can be aggravated by blocked emotions. Blocked emotions cause stress and create blockages in your body by inhibiting the flow of chemical messengers throughout the intercellular fluid and energy pathways of your body. Blood flow becomes restricted and restricts nutrients and the pain relieving endorphins from reaching the cells in your body. Simply put, living with emotional tension that is sustained by your thoughts – by your ego chatter – creates blocks that increase your stress levels, which ultimately damages and weakens your overall health.

Allowing your emotional energy to flow freely can be likened to watching a two-year-old child express their emotions. Everything is immediate. They are completely free of any form of self- consciousness. A horrible trauma can give way to the greatest of victories within a moment. Your energy pathway, like your moods and reactions are meant to be free flowing! Being honest with your feelings and expressing yourself inhibits blocks from forming. Allowing flow instead of blocking simply helps your body work better.

Regular use of this meditation, will give you greater freedom from the emotional blocks that have held you back during your life.