What is a Stress-Free Mind?

In our modern world it can be a real challenge to determine the meaning of the words quality of life.  We are an over stimulated culture, so busy – always going somewhere – driven by so many unseen forces, that we are in a constant state of reaction.

The Will to Heal teaches that in order to be stress free, we need to let ourselves come into ourselves. We must learn to be comfortable in our skin, so that we can step through the multiple layers of our programming and step into our true identities.

Self-integration is a journey that is most often motivated by a desire for change. Change in what – is up to each individual. The Will to Heal Technique shows you that you have the power within your mind and body to change anything you want to change. All that you require is the knowledge and the will to accept responsibility for the changes that you want to make.

The two concepts, anatomy and the mind, seem so completely unconnected. Anatomy is the composition of a physical structure, and the mind is a concept subject to your own beliefs. However, these concepts aren’t as disconnected as you may first think. Our research and our studies have shown us that the mind, or consciousness, resides within every cell of the body. Everything that you think is transmitted to the cells of your body and as your body reacts, chemical messengers travel between the body and the brain influencing what becomes your thoughts.

The Will to Heal Technique uses anatomical illustrations  to help you connect with your internal structure so that you’ll understand the inner workings of your brain and your body. A stress free mind sees the beauty and the function of the human form. It really is a remarkable machine that should never be taken for granted. You and your body are one – there would be no you – without your body. Learning to love and to understand the powers that are contained within your body will give you insights that will forever change the way you see and think about yourself. It is through understanding your body – that – your mind can be set free.

The Will to Heal Project offers mindfulness courses  that teach you to understand the various ways in which your thoughts affect your body and your body affects your thoughts. This type of mind-body healing works with you to reduce your stress and change your behaviours. Through understanding how your mind-body works, you can take control of your life and be free from stress and pain.