Happy to be Back!

For those of you who have known us for a while, you’ll remember that we launched our first book, A Workbook to Relieve Pain, way back in 2010. After almost twenty years of working in the pharmaceutical industry, Andrew and I repeatedly saw the power of the placebo effect. With Andrew’s experience with hypnosis and other mystical endeavours, and my background in bio-medical communication, we knew that we could combine our talents to teach people a drug-free way to help relieve pain and heal themselves.

The Will to Heal™ Technique, uses medical illustrations and an audio track to explain how your thoughts affect your body. Once we’ve taught you the basic building blocks of this concept, Andrew takes you through several guided meditations, which reinforce this new knowledge while you are in a relaxed state of mind. There are many studies that demonstrate how similar concepts are very effective for relieving pain and over the years, we have gathered some wonderful testimonials from people who have had success with the Will to Heal Technique. We’re currently in the process of converting the book into two online courses. These will be available in 2019.

Shortly after launching the Will to Heal Technique, Andrew developed health issues that prevented us from pursuing our promotional plans. However, to this day, it’s the Will to Heal Technique that he attributes to giving him the ability to cope with the neurological difficulties that he encountered. I’m not my brain and body became an often-repeated mantra, as he constantly affirmed to himself that the pain was only in his brain and body, but his consciousness could rise beyond it.

Our unique brand of mindfulness meditation was the cornerstone that allowed Andrew to endure the daily assault of peripheral neuropathy, brain fog, ataxia, depression and anxiety attacks that constantly plagued him for over a year. The recovery process has been slow, we’re now approaching four years since we were able to diagnose him as having a severe grain intolerance and a wide range of chemical sensitivities – all adversely affecting his immune system. But that’s another story and I’ll be covering it in my blogs.

Along with the power of the Will to Heal Technique, Andrew kept his spirits lifted and focused on a hopeful future by writing a novel, something that he had wanted to do for years. It’s funny how sometimes it takes a crisis to interrupt our lives and give us the permission to take the time to do what we want. It’s hard to say if Andrew could have written his first novel, Forever is the Soul, without becoming so very ill, but the outcome is a wondrous love story that is told from the perspective of a disincarnate soul and explores the multifaceted relationship between the physical world and the world of spirits.

So, here we are in 2018 and we’ve recently launched our new website and we’re starting back to build The Will to Heal Project. Over time, the technique has grown into a project, because we want to invite others to participate. Check out our website to learn more about who we are and what we do. If you have a book or a program that you feel needs a voice and compliments the Will to Heal Project, get in touch and let us know!

Send us an email! We’d love to answer any questions question that you have. We’d also love to hear any stories that you’d like to share.