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Chapter 16: Forever is the Soul

Author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts about the importance of transcending our fear in order to move into a deeper sense and understanding of love. This is especially important in these times of change and uncertainty. When we are able to keep our consciousness in the moment, we are better able to stay out of…

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Chapter 15: Forever is the Soul

Did we create God? Author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts about how we, as humans, are conduits for a God consciousness that we have co-created throughout our history as cognitive beings. Is our next stage of evolution dependent upon our ability to see beyond the veil of our biological imperative and into our God consciousness?…

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Thinking About Trees

Concentrate for a moment and imagine a tree. Roots reaching deep into the ground, drawing water and nutrients upwards from the soil, leaf-filled branches, a blue sky and sunshine. I see my tree in my mind’s eye and for that moment, my conscious mind is occupied by what my thoughts have created. Close your eyes…

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