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Chapter 21: Forever is the Soul

In this last video of the series of 21, author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts about surrendering, or relinquishing the loads that we carry in order to move into the understanding that our soul has to offer us. Andrew believes that by surrendering and minimizing the importance of our egos, we can get into coherence…

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Chapter 18: Forever is the Soul

When a Dream is More Than a Dream Author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts on the power of our emotions and how our emotions can be the blocks that impair our soul’s vision. Chapter 18 of the novel, Forever is the Soul. When a Dream is More Than a Dream: To love the self as…

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Chapter 15: Forever is the Soul

Did we create God? Author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts about how we, as humans, are conduits for a God consciousness that we have co-created throughout our history as cognitive beings. Is our next stage of evolution dependent upon our ability to see beyond the veil of our biological imperative and into our God consciousness?…

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Chapter 13: Forever is the Soul

Fear and love cannot coexist. To know love, we must find peace. Love is found in the moment, at the times when we’re present and our hearts are open. In this video, Andrew MacWha shares his thoughts about Chapter 13 of his novel, Forever is the Soul. Chapter 13: You Never Know Where or When…

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Chapter 11: Forever is the Soul

Author Andrew MacWha, relates his thoughts on loss and the grieving process as it relates to our physical reality as well as the spiritual realm. This is the topic of the sub-title for Chapter 11 of the novel, Forever is the Soul. Loss is a two-way street. The feeling is exchanged between both dimensions.

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Chapter 9: Forever is the Soul

Welcome to the Forever is the Soul video for Chapter 9, titled Through Another’s Eyes. Author, Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts on how empathy creates commonality amongst people, which encourages group consciousness to form. Group consciousness is key if our species is to evolve. Chapter 9: There is something very curious about looking into a…

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