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Chapter 21: Forever is the Soul

In this last video of the series of 21, author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts about surrendering, or relinquishing the loads that we carry in order to move into the understanding that our soul has to offer us. Andrew believes that by surrendering and minimizing the importance of our egos, we can get into coherence…

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Chapter 20: Forever is the Soul

Author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts about the concept that we as individual egos, exist within a greater light – a greater field of energy where there is no beginning and no ending. Chapter 20 of the novel, Forever is the Soul. Where There is no Beginning, There Cannot be an Ending. From lifetime to…

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Chapter 15: Forever is the Soul

Did we create God? Author Andrew MacWha, shares his thoughts about how we, as humans, are conduits for a God consciousness that we have co-created throughout our history as cognitive beings. Is our next stage of evolution dependent upon our ability to see beyond the veil of our biological imperative and into our God consciousness?…

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