Stress and Pain Management Techniques Using Frontal Cortex Thought

Our greatest cause of stress is often our own thoughts and we know that stress increases pain. When we hold high expectations of ourselves or when we fill our consciousness with worry, we transmit our concerns inward. Your subconscious brain has no way of knowing what is fact or what is fiction. It is only through being aware of the fact that you are conscious that you can intercept any thoughts that cause you harm – and yes your thoughts do cause you harm.

The Will to Heal Technique is a type of mindfulness course, which teaches frontal cortex thought for stress and pain management. Your frontal cortex – is the less reactive – more evolved part of your brain. It is through frontal cortex thinking that you can override your sympathetic nervous system and your stress response.

The trick to being able to do this – is that you must be aware of the fact that you are reacting. By using mindfulness – thinking in your frontal cortex – you can know what you feel like when you are relaxed and know what you feel like when you are stressed. Once you’ve become consciously aware of what stress feels like in your body you can stop the feelings that stress causes by using your mind-body connection. This technique used in the Will to Heal has been found to be very effective when it comes to relieving pain. Your body will respond to where ever you think.

Even taking a deep breath and redirecting your thoughts will help you regain control. This simple action of taking a deep breath – especially when accompanied by a long slow exhale – will help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system  – which automatically helps your body to return to a more balanced – comfortable state.

Everyday we are presented with a number of challenges that offer us two options – we either react or we don’t react. When a challenge threatens our lives in a very real way our more innate ,non-thinking part of our brain- the limbic system takes over.

If you can understand the difference between your primitive limbic system and your more advanced frontal cortex – you’ll be well on your way to getting your thoughts and feelings under control by making better choices. Remember – your limbic system is your primitive brain – designed by nature to ensure your survival and protect you, while your frontal cortex is your more evolved, thinking brain. The choice should be clear – if you elevate your thoughts into your more evolved frontal cortex, you will make rational decisions.

The Will to Heal Technique mindfulness course  are all about learning to understand the difference between the primitive brain and its functions and the clear thinking, less reactive part of your brain – the frontal cortex