Four Steps to Mind-Body Connection Healing

Mind body connection healing is about directing your thoughts so that you can essentially think yourself healthy.  The process involves visualizing parts of your body healing, and the belief is, that as you visualize these things happening, they actually will happen within your body.

In general, there are about four steps to successful mind body connection healing

  1. Go to a quiet place where you can relax.  This will calm you and bring you to a place where mind body connection healing can begin.
  2. Begin doing breathing exercises by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth to an even rhythm.  Don’t think about anything but the breathing.
  3. Visualize your body being composed of hundreds of thousands of cells.  If pain is the problem, visualize the colour red where you feel the pain. As you breath, see those red areas slowly fading. Breathe into the pain and send it away by blocking the pain messages being sent to your brain.  If there is an illness you are trying to rid yourself of through mind body connection healing, visualize your immune system rising up and battling the disease, conquering it in a short time.
  4. Feel the pain or illness drift away and use your hands to physically push it further and further away from you.

Mind body connection healing sounds like a very strange way to bring about a solution to your illness, but it makes sense.  Statistics have shown  that patients who have a very positive outlook on their situation and who believe they will recover, do much better than those who do not believe they will recover.

The difference between mind body connection healing and other forms of meditation has to do with anatomy.  The more you know about your body and how it functions, the easier it will be to visualize the real life processes that are happening inside you.  When you can visualize these processes, you can create patterns in your brain that naturally direct your body to heal itself with a process that it is already familiar with.  This is the most natural way to heal yourself.

The Will to Heal Technique offers you the chance to listen to what your body needs and learn about your mind-body connection. It teaches you about your anatomy, so that you can successfully visualize the exact processes your body needs to heal itself.