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Mindful Eating: The Raisin Exercise

Mindfulness informs us that we have this moment and within this moment we have consciousness. As the mind passes through this moment of consciousness, choice always prevails. Much of what we register on a conscious level is reactionary, so the more aware we can keep ourselves moment to moment, the more we can think the…

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Four Steps to Mind-Body Connection Healing

Mind body connection healing is about directing your thoughts so that you can essentially think yourself healthy.  The process involves visualizing parts of your body healing, and the belief is, that as you visualize these things happening, they actually will happen within your body.

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Empower Your Healing With Visualization

Visualization, also known as Mental Imagery, or Visual Mental Rehearsal, is a technique that has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in producing a specific outcome. Whenever we imagine ourselves performing an action in the absence of physical practice, we are said to be using visual imagery. 

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Five Ways Mindfulness Courses Will Help You

Mindfulness courses are all about reducing stress and really focusing your energies on the positive.  Mindfulness is a therapeutic way to pay extra close attention on something very specific.  Mindfulness courses have their root in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, a technique developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zin at the University of Massachusetts.  The idea was to use mindfulness…

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Program Offers Relief From Chronic Pain

Publication: Massage Therapy Canada April 4, Barrie, ON – In spring 2011, pain sufferers will engage in the opportunity to learn how to manage their pain through the highly anticipated self-help visualization book and CDs, The Will to Heal Technique, A Guided Workbook to Relieve Pain. Creators, Andrew MacWha and Elise Walmsley-MacWha, formerly of TrifocalCommunications…

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Healing Ways

Publication: The Barrie Examiner Barrie couple develop way to help ease chronic pain. A local couple is asking you to listen to the voices inside your head. Andrew MacWha and Elise Walmsley-MacWha believe they have developed a methodology that will help people lessen their chronic pain and learn to deal with the stress in their…

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